The MTL approach

I understand that the idea of picking up and playing an instrument may be initially intimidating for clients.

With this in mind, I aim to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere where clients can choose to play a wide variety of instruments including drums, bells, chimes, shakers, tambourines and glockenspiels. All the instruments provided are aesthetically pleasing, sourced eclectically and are interesting items in their own right, providing both musical and sensory stimulation.

There is no pressure or expectation put upon clients, and they are not expected to have any previous musical experience. There is no right or wrong way of making music!

Music Therapy in London

During sessions we explore the different sounds we can make together. Using my guitar, my voice and my harmonica I improvise around the client, often using familiar melodies and songs I know they enjoy. This creates a ‘musical conversation’ and enables an emotional connection to grow.

As our relationship develops, clients come to realise that, by listening and directly responding to their musical choices, I am communicating a genuine desire to connect and follow where they may lead. This experience helps them feel they are being heard and truly accepted. In turn, this feeling of empowerment helps their confidence and self esteem to blossom.

How Often?

  • Clients are generally seen on a weekly basis, although individual timetables can be catered for.

How Long?

  • Individual sessions are usually 30-45 minutes in duration.
  • Group sessions run for 45-60 minutes.
  • Sessions should take place at the same time and location each week, with planned breaks prepared in advance.

How Much?

  • All costs include travel to and from the client, use of instruments and insurance.
  • Fees are tailored to clients’ requirements, and are usually quoted on an individual basis.